mark goldenberg Trio




Playing all of the popular styles and most of the unpopular, the Mark Goldenberg Trio brings you a new release for your listening enjoyment.
Recorded in Los Angeles, the album showcases eight new compositions from Mark Goldenberg written exclusively for the trio. Jennifer Condos plays bass guitar and Jay Bellerose plays drums and percussion.From Bossy Pants Music. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all respected outlets. 


guitar and keyboards / mark goldenberg
bass guitar / jennifer condos
drums and percussion / jay bellerose

all compositions by mark goldenberg ©2017



by Mark Goldenberg Trio ©2017


In jazz, there are many well-loved piano trios—groups led by Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, and so on. There are far fewer jazz trios led by guitarists—perhaps because it’s really hard to do. Mark Goldenberg has found wonderful and highly original way forward, writing tunes that let him and his cohorts (bassist Jennifer Condos & drummer Jay Bellerose) shine collectively and individually.

Listening to Goldenberg’s music is like watching a dynamic conversation in a superbly crafted movie. What’s scripted? What’s improvised? Does it matter? Not when there’s this much collective wit and wisdom. Just listen.

Adam Levy

Mark’s Trio album is groovy, emotional, and dynamic. You are taken on a journey. Mark, Jen, and Jay each have a beautiful touch on their instrument and the interactions between them are dazzling.

Molly Miller

When I was living in San Francisco in the mid-1990s, it was sort of the beginning of the high-end restaurant explosion there. I remember once reading about a new tiny spot in the Jackson Square neighborhood, can't recall the name, but it was apparently where all the rockstar chefs would go on their night off to experience deep, refined, and understated food in a low key setting. To me, that’s Mark. He’s out of the way, you have to go find him, you need to know the secret knock… But you will be seriously rewarded for your efforts. And there’s a very long list of world famous artists that would concur with that sentiment. I remember once Jackson Browne came to see Mark and I play at a small club in Hollywood. Jackson and I were in the side room alone for a bit checking out my guitar, and talking about Mark. I told him I felt like luke Skywalker that just crashed into the Dagobah system and is now seeing all the secrets of universe. Jackson got a big smile and I said “I know man, I know.”

Of course on this album there’s no shortage of great guitar playing, and, of course it’s popping pregnant with great tones… But with Mark it’s way beyond all that. This is deeply beautiful and complex music that rewards repeated attentive listening. What I hear in it most of all is a lifetime of travel. It’s not “world music” at all, but rather you are hearing someone that has spent endless time in little cafés, in cities like say, Minsk, with hours and hours to go before sound check at the theater or arena, just quietly taking in all the little slices of life. Listen to the track “Luftmensch” and close your eyes, and you’ll instantly know what I mean. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Jen and Jay’s rhythmic section work, just so wonderful. Anyway, of course I’m more than a little biased, as Mark is my BFF, my guitar hero, my partner in crime, and lunch…

But still, honestly, this is a treasure.

Eric Skye

One of those albums you want to listen to on repeat—a masterclass in musicianship, composition, and tone. Nothing forced, nothing rushed, not one note wasted. When the album ends, start it over again. Trust me. With each spin, another layer of brilliance is revealed.


Jamie Stillway