photo by greg vorobiov

photo by greg vorobiov


Mark Goldenberg is a guitarist and composer. He has recorded and played with Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Peter Frampton and Hugh Laurie among many others. Known as a songwriter, he has written for many artists, including The Pointer Sisters, Chicago, Linda Ronstadt, Natalie Imbruglia, and his own band The Cretones.

Mark released a self titled solo guitar CD in 2004 and the duo CD "Artifact" with Eric Skye in 2015. A new CD of music with his trio, which includes drummer Jay Bellerose and bassist Jennifer Condos, was released in 2017.

He is available for live performances in a solo, duo and trio setting.


Powerful, graceful, deeply melodic, and above all, emotional– Mark Goldenberg's stunning collection of acoustic guitar pieces shows off the imagination and technical excellence that fellow artists and record producers have relied upon for years, although seldom is he credited for the formidable compositional strength that is on display here. This is a letter from the interior, a meditation, and a banner for the personal journey.
Jackson Browne


Eric Skye and Mark Goldenberg's new duo CD Artifact is an excellent example of true musical collaboration. These two fine guitarists have put together eight tunes where their fertile musical minds create inventive textures and dynamic harmonic landscapes from beginning to end. Honestly, it took several listens before I began to hear a good amount of what they are doing, and it will take many more to unpack it further….
Minor 7th
photo by greg vorobiov

photo by greg vorobiov

mark goldenberg trio

mark goldenberg trio


In jazz, there are many well-loved piano trios—groups led by Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, and so on. There are far fewer jazz trios led by guitarists—perhaps because it’s really hard to do. Mark Goldenberg has found wonderful and highly original way forward, writing tunes that let him and his cohorts (bassist Jennifer Condos & drummer Jay Bellerose) shine collectively and individually.
Listening to Goldenberg’s music is like watching a dynamic conversation in a superbly crafted movie. What’s scripted? What’s improvised? Does it matter? Not when there’s this much collective wit and wisdom. Just listen.

Adam Levy

It’s Goldenberg’s adaptability and good humor that have made him a top-shelf sideman. He’s played both electric and acoustic guitar for many greats, including Jackson Brown, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, and even William Shatner. He’s a skilled songwriter as well. His work has been recorded by Ronstadt, Chicago, and Olivia Newton-John. And he’s a brilliant solo guitarist, as heard on his self-titled 2005 album.

Adam Perlmutter, Premier Guitar

mark goldenberg and eric skye

mark goldenberg and eric skye







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