Mark Goldenberg

by Mark Goldenberg ©2004


I haven't heard a record of such hypnotizing beauty in a very long time!

Leni Stern

Powerful, graceful, deeply melodic, and above all, emotional– Mark Goldenberg's stunning collection of acoustic guitar pieces shows off the imagination and technical excellence that fellow artists and record producers have relied upon for years, although seldom is he credited for the formidable compositional strength that is on display here. This is a letter from the interior, a meditation, and a banner for the personal journey.

Jackson Browne

Mark Goldenberg is the Shaquille O'Neal of popular guitar...he has impeccable instincts and is a natural, intuitive and generous player. He elevates the moment by humbly bringing out the best in everyone around him–while simultaneously amazing seasoned professionals with original, brilliant moves. most importantly, like Shaq, mark is a considerably well-groomed man.

Don Was

Mark's music is better than it sounds!

Stephen Bruton

Mark Goldenberg's self titled album of solo finger style guitar is truly a triumphant first effort. The dramatic opening piece, "Bring," is absolutely gorgeous, combining pastoral lyricism with a reflective melodic expression rarely captured on record. In contrast, the second composition, "Quixote," begins with dissonant runs followed by Middle Eastern motifs which merge into brilliantly conceived Brazilian chord changes. The strength of this album lies in the depth of musical pallets found on this elegant, reflective, and introspective journey. Goldenberg plays with the graceful virtuosity of Michael Hedges, Egberto Gismonti, and Pat Metheny. The recording quality is also pristine allowing the natural warmth and richness of the instrument to emerge. Goldberg's unique guitar talents have graced the albums of Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, and Linda Ronstadt. Moreover, his songwriting skills are featured on recordings by Chicago, Olivia Newton John, and the Pointer Sisters. While Mark Goldenberg may be better known for his work with his more celebrated peers, this recoding stands on its own. This album is not a token solo project produced by a sideman of famous pop artists. With strong compositions that are proficiently performed, this exceptional collection of passionate tone poems should earn Goldenberg a place along side the masters of solo instrumental music.

Minor 7th

You're probably the greatest guitarist I've even seen while drinking a latte.

Steve Koehler

Ever since I heard the exquisite opening track BRING on Mark's new album, I have been unable to get the haunting melody out of my head. He strums, he picks, he jams, he jazzes and if that wasn't enough, he also makes quite the most delicious peanut butter pie that can make a grown woman weep!

Julia Fordham

Guitarist Mark Goldenberg opened with a solo set (sometimes accompanied by Stern) wherein he wove lines so delicate and variegated that he virtually clothed the air in splendor. And his version of the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows” dripped with chords so beautiful and weird that even Brian Wilson would’ve asked for the recipe. Goldenberg joshingly complained about the PA music that preceded him, “Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)”: “Now I gotta follow Hendrix?” And Leni Stern’s band followed; he shoulda been crushed like a bug. Wasn’t, though. 

Greg Bur, LA Weekly